Originally from the United States, Catalunya has been my home base for more than 40 years, and still counting. My flower story began here, when I completed the Técnica Inicial en Art Floral course at the Escola d’Art Floral de Catalunya as a budding, entirely smitten beginner designer. That first intensive course really sealed it for me - I was addicted!

 A family work transfer to the greater New York City area allowed me to complete the professional floral design program at the New York Botanical Garden and bloom into a mature designer, working with prestigious events designers there for 5 years. It was my dream come true!

 Another family work transfer to Singapore gave me a unique opportunity as the in-house florist at a 5-star European luxury hotel for 3 years. This amazing experience in tropical Southeast Asia challenged me and pushed my design skills to the max! I've been blessed to have had both professional training and world class experience on 3 different continents.  

Now back home in the Maresme, I’m more grateful than ever for the beauty and abundance of our region. We are so lucky to have a thriving floriculture right here on our own piece of the Mediterranean coast! Our local, hard-working flower farmers have persisted for generations here, and are prime examples of high quality, local cut flower production. I take pride in prioritizing locally grown flowers and sustainable best practices. As humans, we now recognize our need for meaningful connections to nature that bring joy, heal and soothe, without negatively impacting our environment.

For more information about our sustainability best practices, please see the Sustainability page.

It fills me with joy to share the beauty and therapeutic benefits of flowers with you and yours. Abloom floral creations are elegant, lush and curated just for you. Your complete satisfaction is my goal.

Yours in flowers,

Hello, flower friends!  

I’m Audrey, founder and creative director of Abloom Flowers.


"I have trusted the floral decoration to Audrey on several occasions, for both private and business events. Audrey captures the essence of every event and with her taste and creativity makes it special and unique. It is always a pleasure to see the beauty of her flower art."

- Judith F. S.

“Audrey provides an excellent home delivery service of fresh flowers straight to the comfort of your home. The personalised bouquets are absolutely beautiful with thoughtfully picked matching colors and exceptionally good taste. She uses only local farmers, and seasonal flowers, which is an extra bonus to support local products in the Maresme.”

- Miia P.

"I worked with Audrey last year to create several flower installations in my home for a bachelorette weekend and they were absolutely beautiful. She was perfectly able to transform my vision into reality. The flowers complimented and played off the colours of the art & furniture in the house and she also provided vases and installations as needed. I couldn’t have asked for more, it was perfect!"

- stefanie l.

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“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

- rumi