As florists, we love nature and want to share its beauty. But many modern floristry practices damage our precious environment. We must face up to them, challenge them, and do better for our planet.

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the problem:

Late last century, the global flower growing industry expanded enormously, investing heavily in massive flower farms in countries with favorable climates and cheap labor such as Columbia, Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia. Working conditions in these countries are not always safe and fair. The cut flowers are chemically fumigated, excessively packaged and sent thousands of kilometers away to Europe and North America via refrigerated “cold chain” transport that dramatically increases their carbon footprint. 

how we're doing better:

We source almost all our flowers from local flower farms located right here in the Maresme. We are lucky to have seasonal, super fresh Km. 0 blooms available to us year round and are proud to support our local flower farmers. This greatly minimizes our designs’ environmental footprint.

To read more about the issues of imported flowers click here.



the problem:

For the past 50 years, green floral foam has been the most popular base for floral design. Most professionally trained florists (myself included) were taught to design everything with it. But now we realize that floral foam has no place in sustainable floral design, because:

- It is a single use plastic 
- It is made from phenol and formaldehyde, known carcinogens
- It poses a health hazard to florists and aquatic animals
- It is not biodegradable and does not compost
- It degrades into a micro plastic, contributing to our toxic legacy of pollution

how we're doing better:

We never use floral foam. We use eco-friendly methods and mechanics. Flowers do so much better in water, and we rest better, too!

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the problem:

Traditionally, floristry has involved lots of single use materials, especially plastic: cellophane and plasticized wrappings, plastic ribbons, etc.

Eco Fresh Bouquet

how we're doing better:

We avoid single use plastics, and use minimal paper wrapping and packaging. We wrap our bouquets in soaked Eco Fresh Wraps and waterproof bags - both are 100% home compostable. We recycle everything we can (even rubber bands!) and encourage our customers to repurpose whenever possible.

the problem:

Recent trends (mostly on social media) have popularized dyed, painted, sprayed or bleached materials.  

how we're doing better:

We believe our customers want to incorporate flowers into their homes, workplaces and events in their natural state - not altered to conform to some arbitrary fashion or seasonal color scheme. We avoid dyed, sprayed or chemically treated materials.

Natural flowers

Dyed flowers


the problem:

Flower deliveries add to atmospheric pollution.

how we're doing better:

We want to keep the Maresme as free from traffic pollution as possible. That’s why we make all of our kilometer zero flower deliveries using a 100% electric, 0% Emissions vehicle.


It’s shocking to discover that the flower industry is not as planet-friendly as we imagine. Abloom Flowers wants to be mindful of how we leave our world for our children and grandchildren, and how we are connected to the people and places that were involved in the beauty we create.

 This is our sustainability pledge.

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"I have trusted the floral decoration to Audrey on several occasions, for both private and business events. Audrey captures the essence of every event and with her taste and creativity makes it special and unique. It is always a pleasure to see the beauty of her flower art."

- Judith F. S.

“Audrey provides an excellent home delivery service of fresh flowers straight to the comfort of your home. The personalised bouquets are absolutely beautiful with thoughtfully picked matching colors and exceptionally good taste. She uses only local farmers, and seasonal flowers, which is an extra bonus to support local products in the Maresme.”

- Miia P.

"I worked with Audrey last year to create several flower installations in my home for a bachelorette weekend and they were absolutely beautiful. She was perfectly able to transform my vision into reality. The flowers complimented and played off the colours of the art & furniture in the house and she also provided vases and installations as needed. I couldn’t have asked for more, it was perfect!"

- stefanie l.

What people are saying:

“Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.”

- Eckhart Tolle