Abloom Flowers Club

Our signature, lush and local flower subscription service is an easy and elegant way to breathe fresh life into your home or workplace.

You will receive a hand-wrapped bouquet delivered to your door weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Each week we curate a beautiful selection of blooms, ready for you to place them in your favorite vase or container.

how it works:


Classic - 37 €
(~ 30-35 cm diameter)

Grand - 50 €
(~ 40-45 cm diameter)

Choose your frequency


Choose your bouquet size


Or monthly


Delivery details


All deliveries are scheduled according to location, using our 0-emissions electric vehicle. Our bouquets are hand-wrapped in 100% compostable Eco Fresh Bouquet Wraps™ that keep your flowers hydrated for hours. Please place your bouquet in a clean container filled with fresh water as soon as possible. For maximum vase life, trim stems and change water every other day.

Kilometer Zero Flowers

the flowers:

You choose the size of the bouquet, but not the specific flowers. By eliminating choice, we can keep our prices down and greatly reduce flower waste.

We work preferentially with seasonal, locally-grown flowers. So we will use whatever flowers are super fresh and blooming that week. Varieties will change with each design, allowing you to discover and enjoy the beauty that grows right here in our Maresme villages, season after season.

Join the Club

Please fill in the form below and we will confirm your order and collect payment by telephone.

Pause or cancel anytime (with minimum one week’s notice before your next delivery, please). Pre-purchase a 3-month subscription and receive a free pair of pruning shears for trimming the stems of your bouquets.


look out for a confirmation email within the next 24 hours. 

“I must have flowers, always and always.” 

- Claude Monet